23rd February 2024

Now it’s mandatory for MBBS student to adopt a family from 1st Prof

National medical commission issued guidelines

New Delhi.

The Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has now released the curriculum for the Family Adoption Programme. According to it now every MBBS student has to adopt a family from his first professional year. These Guidelines are issued under the Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2023. 

A circular in this regard was released on June 12, 2023.  the Director of the UGMEB, Shambhu Sharan Kumar stating, “Issuing new Guidelines under the Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2023, “

These new guidelines including the new curriculum for the Family Adoption Programme “shall be applicable to all the admission made in MBBS course in a medical college in the academic year 2023-24.”

The Curriculum for the Family Adoption Programme includes targets to be achieved by the MBBS students in their first, second, and third professional year of the course. Further, the curriculum lists down the competencies that the students should be able to acquire, objectives, suggested teaching-learning methods, suggested assessment methods, and teaching hours.

Further, the Family Adoption Programme curriculum also includes the log book for Family Adoption, which shall include the name of the college, university, address details, name of the students, roll number, village name, Tehsil/District, State/Union Territory, name of the mentor, status of the mentor, name and address and experience of Asha worker, etc

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