23rd February 2024

IIM Indore and Arizona State University Collaborate to Launch a Programme on Global Healthcare

Eight-month programme includes on-campus modules at IIM Indore Campus and the Arizona State University Campus

In a visionary move addressing the pressing needs of the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, IIM Indore proudly announces its collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) to introduce the Global Healthcare Professional Programme (GHPP). This pioneering initiative aims to transform healthcare management and equip professionals with the essential skills to navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare landscape.
The collaboration solidified through a Specific Collaboration Agreement signed online, by IIM Indore’s Director, Prof. Himanshu Rai, and Maria Anguiano, Executive Vice President, ASU Learning Enterprise, marks a watershed moment in the realm of healthcare education. Prof. Subin Sudhir, Chair – Executive Education, IIM Indore, and Prof. Harshal Lowalekar, Chair – Admissions and Programme Coordinator GHPP, were also present. The dignitaries from ASU included Raghu Santanam, Sr. Associate Dean, Executive Education, Corporate Partnerships and Lifelong Learning, ASU; Dr. Keith Frey, Senior Advisor, W. P. Carey Dean’s Office; Ohad Kadan, Charles J. Robel Dean, Professor of Finance and W. P. Carey Distinguished Chair, ASU.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,”

Prof. Himanshu Rai said that this collaboration between IIM Indore and ASU embodies the ethos of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” emphasizing the global nature of education and knowledge sharing. “Our dedication lies in seeking solutions that meet the dynamic demands of the healthcare sector. In the wake of COVID-19, where healthcare emerged as a cornerstone, highlighting the omnipresence of leadership and management, our focus is to confront these challenges head-on,” he said.
The GHPP aims to equip professionals with the requisite skills, acknowledging healthcare’s critical role and the necessity for adept leadership and management in every facet of this pivotal industry. “Our collaboration with ASU amplifies the programme’s uniqueness, combining the best of both institutions to offer a transformative learning experience,” he said.

A comprehensive eight-month programme

The GHPP is meticulously designed as a comprehensive eight-month programme catering to doctors, healthcare professionals, executives of hospitals and health systems, public health officials, and health policy experts. It encapsulates a fusion of offline and online sessions, integrating real-world business use cases and immersive experiences at both IIM Indore and ASU campuses. Additionally, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to visit major Arizona hospital systems and healthcare facilities, enhancing their global perspectives.
“The programme unfolds in five stages, strategically blending two on-campus modules at IIM Indore and one at ASU, and two stages including 40-hour online live classes. This structured approach ensures a holistic understanding of crucial aspects such as the economics of healthcare, healthcare operations, AI in healthcare, leadership, and more,” mentioned Prof. Rai.
Kadan added, “Our collaboration with IIM Indore aligns with W. P. Carey’s commitment to fostering a global knowledge exchange that grows business and betters the world. This partnership reflects our collective vision of a world where healthcare professionals are empowered with diverse insights and flexible opportunities to upskill as the industry evolves. Our goal is to help learners tackle the greatest challenges and thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.”

ASU’s Learning Enterprise advances universal access to learning at all life stages, tapping into ASU’s wealth of knowledge to offer learning experiences that are technology-enabled and impact-driven.
The sessions conducted by IIM Indore faculty are strategically designed to delve deep into crucial areas such as marketing, financial management, strategy, healthcare operations, and holistic systems thinking. These sessions aim to fortify executives with specialized skills in people management, effective communication, and a nuanced understanding of the legal and ethical landscapes within healthcare.
Conversely, ASU’s W. P. Carey School brings forth expertise in the economics of healthcare, intricate supply chain dynamics, cutting-edge healthcare informatics, and the integration of AI. Their sessions illuminate the nuances of entrepreneurship specific to the healthcare industry, offer a comparative analysis of the U.S. and Indian healthcare systems, instill adaptive leadership skills, and provide an immersive experience through a visit to healthcare facilities in Arizona. The participants will be awarded a certificate on successful completion of the course.

This pioneering executive programme in healthcare heralds a transformative era in healthcare education, signaling a collaborative endeavor between IIM Indore and ASU to redefine the very essence of healthcare leadership through the GHPP. Previously, IIM Indore had conducted Kritajna, the Leadership Development Programme for Doctors in Frontline Services during COVID-19 in 2021. The programme’s objective was to give the doctors a perspective on what management education and research in healthcare can contribute to and transform the way healthcare services have been performed.

About the W. P. Carey School of Business

The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University is the largest and one of the top-ranked business schools in the United States. The school is internationally regarded for its research productivity and distinguished faculty members. Students come from more than 100 countries, and W. P. Carey is represented by alums from over 160 countries. Visit wpcarey.asu.edu.

About ASU’s Learning Enterprise

ASU’s Learning Enterprise expands universal access to opportunity for learners – at every stage in life. We’re reimagining the role of universities in society as catalysts of economic and social mobility, guided by the belief that all learners can harness education as an effective ladder to achieving their goals. Our innovative programs meet learners wherever they are, while prioritizing belonging and support. Learn more at learning.asu.edu.

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