12th April 2024

IIM Indore’s i5 Summit 2023 Concludes with Inspiring Insights & Entrepreneurial Fervour

August 20, 2023

The i5 Summit 2023 embarked on a stimulating journey, filled with motivation and innovation, as
eminent figures from the entrepreneurial sphere graced the stage to share their wisdom and experiences. This event, renowned as i5’s flagship: the “Get Funded” session, drew a diverse audience eager to absorb
knowledge and kindle their entrepreneurial spirit.

 Divyaditya Kothari receiving a memento from Coordinator Anshul Chauhan

As the curtains drew on the second day of i5 Summit 2023, an electrifying culmination awaited
attendees with an awe-inspiring address by Ms. Punita Mittal, the visionary co-founder of SoulUp. This
innovative emotional health startup made its debut in 2022. She held the audience captive with her
entrepreneurial journey, recounting the birth of her mental health startup—a platform meticulously designed to connect individuals who have triumphed over similar emotionally arduous challenges. Among her impactful statements, Ms. Mittal’s profound words “While building a startup, you build yourself” resonated deeply, provoking cheers and applause from the enthralled crowd.

Following this transformative moment, the spotlight turned to Mr. Mansingh Gadhvi, a Startup
Mentor, Advisor, and Investor. Mr. Gadhvi’s illustrious two-decade career has witnessed the realms of
corporate giants and the dynamic startup cosmos. His address not only shared invaluable insights but also delved into the theme of “Disruptive Entrepreneurship,” spotlighting a spectrum of Indian startups that have shaken up industries.

The final day, Day 3, commenced with an enlightening discourse by Mr. Divyaditya Kothari, a
prominent figure holding the esteemed position of Director at Renaicon Advisory and Research LLP. His
insights on psychology, personal branding, and relationship building resonated profoundly with the audience, leaving an indelible impact.
The spotlight then turned to the highly anticipated event of the summit, the Get Funded session. A
cornerstone of i5 Summit 2023, this event aims to nurture and embolden entrepreneurial dreams. The panel of judges comprised distinguished figures from the investment and startup landscapes: Mr. Pranav Sanghvi, Associate Principal (Investments) at MABS Family Office; Mr. Vikrant Varshney, co-founder of SucSEED Innovation Fund, Venture Capital Angel Fund; and the aforementioned Mr. Mansingh Gadhvi. Their collective expertise and experience added depth to the proceedings.

The event showcased an impressive array of startups spanning diverse sectors such as agriculture,
cybersecurity, consumer packaged goods, tech management, and SaaS. Entrepreneurs, both established and in the ideation phase, captivated the audience with their innovative concepts and compelling business models.
Concluding the lineup of awe-inspiring events, the MBA classroom session provided participants with
invaluable insights into CAT preparation strategies and life as a management student at an IIM. The attendees gained deep insights into effective strategies for preparing for the CAT examination, a critical step in theirjourney towards business education. Furthermore, the session offered a glimpse into the dynamic life of amanagement student within the prestigious environment of an IIM. The engaging discourse provided a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities that await aspiring business leaders.

With this, we draw the curtains on i5 Summit 2023—an entrepreneurial odyssey marked by
inspiration and collaboration. The spirit of innovation echoed through the convergence of visionaries, mentors, and emerging startups, igniting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with zeal and energy.

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