23rd February 2024

Why TikTok should never come back?


By DS Balaji

Tik -Tok was not just an ordinary Musical Application. It was a full-fledged Cyber Attack by China. The world knows all the subversive techniques China does to make up its ground in an enemy country. Tik-Tok was one such Application.

Tik Tok Is A Data Collection Service

Tik Tok Is A Data Collection Service. Every application that comes free of cost deals in Data Selling. They sell the public Data to Psychologists, Marketing Agencies and Advertisers. Your Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok, knows what you like and what you don’t. What you like to see on your screen and what you just swiped off. It knows your age, region, language and religion. Based on this, these Companies plan their Marketing strategies to figure out- How to Sell and Advertise.

Tik-Tok took this Data collection to a whole new level. They have an API which accesses and stores your Contacts, Locations, Apps installed in your device. Every time you Install an APP, it asks your permission to access all these things. Tik Tok asks to access your location too. Now, when you allow the access, they set up a proxy server on your device for transcoding media. Now they have access to your Location, Device Information and your following.

Now Assume this Scenario- You are Some Chapri Tik Toker, who is making a Tik-Tik Outside Delhi Metro, Central Secretariat. You shoot a video showing all the local shops, Roads, alleys around Secretariat. Now The Chinese Have precise Locations, Logistical Information with proper GPS codes of that area. Imagine such information in the hands of their Pakistani Concubines. Tik Tok was a Chinese CCTV camera all over India.

Alternatives of Chinese Apps

All Chinese Applications are up to such tactics to some extent. Please Remove all Chinese Applications from your Phone and go for its alternatives-
(1). Share It, Xender = Jio Switch, Files By Google, Share All
(2). Cam Scanner = Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens
(3). UC Browser = Jio Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox
(4). Tik-Tok, Likee = Mitro, Roposo
(5). Club Factory = Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra
(6). Parallel Space = Clone App, App Cloner


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